While in-person classes are taught and held throughout the Salt Lake Valley, we are also excited to share our expertise through online dance lessons. In our
private online dance classes, lessons are customized to meet your needs and goals as a competitive Highland Dancer while receiving personalized instruction. In-person and remote
classes are available select weeknights on an alternating weekly schedule; both methods intended to be paired with and compliment each other. I.e. no "Remote only" or "In-person only"
enrollment tracks are offered through our Academy. Class times for both methods of instruction are determined based on instructor & student availability on a monthly basis.

Please refer to our "Registration & Resource" Guide for information & protocol regarding in-person private lessons.


Recommended Set-up/Equipment

  • Computer/laptop with a wired internet connection of 50 Mbps up & down (test here)

  • Quality portable/adjustable webcam (view our recommendation here)

  • All lessons will be facilitated through Google Hangouts (set-up & FAQ available here)

  • Hard-floor dance area (no concrete or carpet). The more space, the better; a dancer should be able to dance the ST comfortably & fully within the frame/boundaries of your stationary camera set-up.

  • Optional beneficial equipment: Dance barre (portable, if possible), mirror(s), laptop/computer connected via HDMI to TV (for dancer to see call/instructor large-scale while dancing).

  • A test call will be scheduled prior to your first remote lesson. During the call, we will check for adequate connection speeds, any audio/video issues, and potential dance space/camera angle concerns.

Class Protocol

  • Class dress code & etiquette mirror that of in-person classes, detailed in our "Registration & Resource" Guide.

  • In the case of online classes, dancers are expected to have already completed a warm-up and stretching routine before class begins. This way, 100% of the class time can be dedicated to dancing and instruction. Each week, dancers will be emailed a new warm-up and stretching routine to start 10-15 minutes before their assigned class start time.

  • Water, swords, notebooks, and any other class materials should be easy & quick to access at any point during your lesson.


  • Dancers will be assigned (via email) 1 new stretch or exercise each week to incorporate into their daily warm-up/cool-down stretching routine when practicing at home between classes.

  • Dancers may be assigned to submit video footage of certain dances, steps, or movements (with our without music) via email prior to any given remote lesson, as determined by the instructor. Specific camera angles may be requested in order to verify technique and positions/placements that may otherwise be skewed by a stationary camera during your lesson.

    • Audio/video synchronization issues are common in online communication platforms. Separate video submissions of a dance/step done to music allow the instructor to verify correct timing without any lagging/interference that would likely arise during the remote lesson. Ex: Fling to the music.

Class Notes

  • The last five minutes of all classes (remote and in-person) will be reserved for instructor-led note taking. Dancers who are able to sufficiently read/write are expected to write their own notes in order to help solidify learning by putting pen to paper. Parents are encouraged to take notes for younger dancers who are not yet able to read/write.